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SOLO Kamikaze was born after SOLO SOLUTION as the next installment to the series. SOLO has now returned from Europe and has been briefed on a matter of serious urgency happening in far East Asia. The Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo have been building chemical and bioligical weapons in two of the UNITs. UNIT 100 and UNIT 731. They are planning to drop the bombs on SAN DIEGO in September 1945.

SOLO must head into NE China through the PACIFIC ISLANDS and fight his way through the Imperial Japanese Army. It is not until he reaches SINGAPORE that he finally realises that it will be a mission that he will never forget.

SOLO then heads to the SOUTH POLE for his training. The first battle SOLO faces is the 60 second introduction battle where SOLO sees the Japanese Imperial Army make an amphibious landing on Australia. SOLO must then fight them under heavy bombardment.

I have finally come up with a level that I am happy with to give the PLAYER a quick taste of the GAME and let them venture further into the GAME.

The video of this level can be found at the front of the website.

The STORY to CONSTRUCTION of the GAME continues…

Published Mar 19, 2017